What is this??

I’m back!!!!  I started this blog in June of 2017 but quickly got CRAZY busy and haven’t held up to my end of the bargain but in the last several months and more recently the last couple of weeks, I have found inspiration again so buckle up!!!  Grab some popcorn and your sense of humor and let’s ride the rollercoaster of 2018 together…..

So……….apparently I have been living under a rock and haven’t been privy to this new craze called the “Instant Pot“…..well, not exactly living under a rock but been busy with weddings, graduations, the holidays, retirements, birthdays, etc….I know, I know not an excuse to NOT know about the Instant Pot but it’s the best I got 🙂

My co-workers have been sharing their wins  (and a few losses) with their new “mega cool, WAY fast cooking machine” that is inexplicable, yet possesses some kind of super power that defies gravity (maybe not, but sounded good) and time.

Honestly, the testimonial that sold this pressure cooker to me was the
“amazing lemon piccata we made last night” one….You will learn over the next couple of months that I am OBSESSED with anything lemon and I LOVE chicken…..so much so that I am fairly certain that my hubby rolls his eyes and thinks “again???” when he sees me pull out the chicken but rest assured he is a smart man and wouldn’t externally show the sheer despair :))))

Side note……My hubby and I are taking a cooking class this week and the theme is “red meat basics”…..think he is trying to tell me something????   Yea, yea I know….and I get the hint loud and clear 🙂

With all of this said, I just hit the “complete order” on Amazon for my new Instant Pot and of course it will be shipped with Prime (the real hero in my world) and I should receive it by Friday.  I am excited to share how this goes!!

Welcome to 2018!!!!!!!

There are affiliate links in this blog so if you click on them and make a purchase, then yes, I make a little moo-lah on the side 🙂  Thank you!!!





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