Hi!  I am Janet, mother of 3 humans (the male kind), grandmother to 3 fur babies and married to the LOVE of my life, Scott 🙂  I live in an up and coming suburb of Dallas and do have a full-time “daytime job” and this blog is a crazy hobby that I am learning to create and loving every step of the way!!!  My “daytime job” is crazy, busy, can be intriguing, can be suspenseful, can be arduous, and it mostly deals with people and situations that aren’t usually good…..with that said, what makes me forget about the day and all of the “stuff” that comes with it is my family and food.

I’m pretty sure that Demaris (The next Food Network Star winner) coined the phrase on TV but I have always said that “Food is Love” and I LOVE my family and friends.  It is therapy for me to come home, pour a glass of wine and surf Pinterest and blogs to find the latest and greatest recipes to try.  It is my promise to you that I will share my victories and my epic fails (which I do have a quite a few of…….It MAY or MAY NOT be true that when the smoke alarm goes off my family will say “Dinner’s ready”……SMARTY PANTS)  Anyhoo…I digress….

The world (any some really stupid decisions on my part) have caused me some grief in my life but I am now dedicated to living my life with laughter, love, food and everything in between.

I hope you enjoy but if you don’t I am a big girl with my big girl panties on and you can always feel free to tell me what you think!!!  Let’s enjoy this ride together!!!!!

Be safe out there and be kind to each other!!!!